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Blah Blah come to my bed Blah Blah

July 9th, 2009 No comments

So I saw an ad for Macy’s having a bedding sale.  And I’m a sucker for a sale when they are really SALES.  And I still want to buy some new bedding for the bed in the apartment.. So I might go buying something today.

(No, I haven’t forgotten that I’m going to go shopping with sunseenli and oshidori — this would be in addition to what I find with them. Yay shopping!)

Four possibles after the cut.  Watch me waffle.

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Where’d you get your bed, in a Crackerjack Box??

June 25th, 2009 No comments

The bedframe arrived yesterday, so I cleared out my couch and assembled it.  That was smooth, the assembly is not exactly rocket science.  Its sturdy and does the job – its not pretty but that’s what bedskirts are for.   I can recommend it.

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Multimedia message

April 7th, 2009 No comments

Good Morning!

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Giveaways, Sales, and More Apartment Mutterings

April 3rd, 2009 No comments

Several things…

1.  Okay… All of my costuming and seamstress types who are local to NYC, or are willing to travel…  The factory’s near to bursting with remnant fabrics.  My mom needs help getting rid of some of these remnants.  Lots of stuff.   I am likely to host a fabric raid event on Easter Weekend.   However if you’re local and want to do something on a different day, let me know.   In either case I NEED TO MOVE SOME OF THIS FABRIC.

2.  Also easter weekend I think — I am going to let people raid boxes of random stuff I’m giving away.  Lots of books and manga, some other assorted stuff.   No charge for most of it, although donations towards my new apartment will be gratefully accepted.   If you are interested in coming please let me know.  Likely saturday April 11th.

3.  I will be keeping SOME things for sale, I’ll post a list soon.  Stuff like the resin statues, key collectables, etc…

4.  Apartment is moving along.  On saturday I hit Chinatown restaurant supply shops to buy stuff like mixing bowls, a good cast iron WOK, a butcher knife, etc…   That’ll be fun.  I’ve decided to get traditional curtain rods for the windows, and leave the tension wire for the walls instead.  

5.  I need stuff to put up!   All of my friends, please send me stuff to print or actually mail me stuff.  Photos of us (or just you), art, sketches, etc.   Little knick-knacks to remind me of you, send them to meeeee!   My fridge is looking mighty blank.  🙂  

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Multimedia message

March 24th, 2009 No comments

The nice thing about being part of a family full of seamstresses – plenty of spare fabric to make your own curtains and wall hangings!

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Studio: Crossed Fingers

February 6th, 2009 No comments

This layout is from another building that’s just down the street from the place I’m looking at.   I’m pretty fond of it only because it actually tells me just how much space is in the living space vs. the foyer.  (That this is considered a PLUS is sad, as I figure it should be a part of ANY floor plan…)

Anyhow, its a similar price point to the apartment I’m up for, and looking it over it would give me enough space to work with.  I can only hope the place I see on Sunday is similar.  -_-;;;

If it isn’t… Hell this place goes on my candidate list.

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