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For Sale : Complete 40D kit.

June 23rd, 2010 No comments

Alright so, since I upgraded to a Canon 7D, I am putting up my 40D for sale, along with a brand spanking new 28-135mm kit lens and new 70-300mm lens.

Details here.

Link to the Ebay entry…

Since it is on Ebay I am of course looking for top dollar, but if I am willing to talk if it goes to someone I know. Ping me if you are interested, or pass the word along! 🙂

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Photopost: Lighting test

November 15th, 2009 No comments

Just posting a couple of lighttests I did this past weekend during the poker game.   Had planned on doing some actual photos but we got caught up playing cards.. ^_^;;

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Photopost : DIY Beauty Dish

November 10th, 2009 No comments

Pet Plush and his Pet

Hey look, its a photo with flash as the only source of light, closeup, at f/1.4 and its NOT harsh or overexposed!

So I went and finished up the “Do It Yourself” Beauty Dish – based partially on instructions over here.  Its basically a slick way to diffuse light for closeups — and a fun little project to jam together over a few days with parts laying around.   Anyway, did some test shots just to play with it.   Shots of the Dish, along with notes and some more photos after the cut.

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Camera Geekery: Split Prism Lens Photos

September 15th, 2009 No comments

Okay. This is definitely a post aimed square at the Camera Geeks.

If you’re a modern camera geek, you might not know about Split Prism focusing screens. By a simple rule of optics, these screens are an almost ideal focusing aid — and it shames me that they are no longer seen in most modern cameras.

More geekery and photos under the cut.
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Canon reintroduces S-Series with PowerShot S90

August 23rd, 2009 No comments
Canon S90

Canon S90

Just when I thought I was going to jump ship and go for Sony’s latest compact with their beautiful sweep panorama function, Canon surprises me.

They’re releasing a compact camera with a f2.0 wide angle lens,  Image Stabilizer, full manual controls, RAW support, and a control ring to boot.

I’m a little surprised that they don’t seem to support 720p video on this unit, but that might be hackable.   And really, to have the functionality of a G9/G10 in a compact form with a f2.0 lens?  I can forgive them that.

Releases in October.  This might actually convince me to even sell my G9…  And at the very least it will likely become my new walkabout camera.   (But of course I want to see the unit before I’m convinced to buy it… And I need to save more money… Or sell more things…)

Oh but yes.. Thank you Canon for finally revisiting the concept of a compact professional’s camera…

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A New (Old) Toy

July 6th, 2009 No comments

A New (Old) Toy

Originally uploaded by Doc Stampede

Getting myself back into the mood to shoot. Spent the first few hours home tonight shooting quick snapshots of old 35mm photos (to be posted shortly..)

Also found this gem in my archive boxes yesterday at my parent’s place — its a 1970’s manual camera that’s built like a tank and actually worth some cash. Its got a 50mm f1.4 prime that I look forward to testing with some slide film, maybe at Otakon..

Quickie composition on my tabletop with available light — kinda like this. I think its going to become an icon. 🙂

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Gizmodo Crosspost : Canon EOS Rebel T1i — And they spit in Nikon’s eye again…

March 25th, 2009 No comments

Gizmodo: Canon EOS Rebel T1i First Hands On: 50Ds Sensor, 1080p Vids, $899

Damn.  Ever since I sold my 20D, I’ve been craving a proper SLR.  I haven’t wanted to go with the Rebel for a long while, mostly because of the lighter body weight, downgraded viewfinder, and gimped processor.

However, with the release of this unit, they just might win me over again, at least as a temporary camera until I can afford the 5Dii…   The latest Rebel line camera will have the 50D’s processor, and it’ll support 720p 30fps shooting, along with 1080p 20fps shooting.  Not as good as the 5Dii, but damned sweet nonetheless.

They’ll probably push the noise sensitivity to match Nikon’s latest releases as well.


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Google MMO?

February 4th, 2009 No comments

So…  We’ve already got Google Earth.   Google Earth now allows for 3D representations of certain areas…  Now you’ll be able to explore the ocean floors with it…  There’s already links in Google Earth to Google’s extensive search engine…. And 3rd party overlay apps are all over the place.

If it hasn’t already happened – when do the Avatars and chat engine become available?  “Where you hanging out?”  “Oh, catch me on 23rd and 3rd.”   “RL or GC (Google Chat) dude?”  “Both.  I’m streaming video too of the party on the street.” 

Random engineer at Google reading this on your internet screening log (don’t lie, you know you have one), stop reading and use some of that 10% time to get working.   Cut me in on 0.0001% of the profits.  😉

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My Umbrella goes at 181 BPM.

November 6th, 2008 No comments

Gizmodo : Singin In The Rain: Japanese Umbrella Is One Huge Speaker

So get this.  They’ve turned this umbrella into a speaker.  One that only transmits sound to the person underneath the umbrella. 

Not only does this amuse me greatly and come across as pretty damned cool – but when I saw it I only thought one thing.

Vyxle : This belongs in the Red Umbrella at the temple.  Right?


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Camera Porn : 17-85 Lens Guts – Exposed for all to peek.

October 6th, 2008 No comments

Camera Porn - 17-85 Torn ApartCamera geeks will get an absolute kick out of this.  A user faced with a broken 17-85 EF-S Canon lens decided to take it apart.   This is a beaut – and kinda scary when you look at just how complex these lenses are.  A significant number of closeup photos are available at the actual forum — 17-85 Exposed – FM Forums

Link originally from Gizmodo, but I’ve linked you to the original Fred Miranda forum.  Enjoy.  

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