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Selling prints through Society6

December 9th, 2012 1 comment

I’ve been putting some items up on Society6 to display and to make available for sale. What do you think? Prices appropriate? Should be lower? Higher?

Not goign to put many there, only some very specific images that I would print myself to pop on my walls. 🙂

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Auctions for Charity : Batch Two

May 5th, 2011 No comments

Hello everyone!

After 11 days of working without a day off, I’m pretty beat.   However the weather has finally gotten nice and lots of things are in motion, so I cannot really complain!

Batch one of sales for charity went well, most of the items sold and raised $200 to start.   Help me spread the word of this auction, and help me make that $400!   Or more!  More would be better!  BIGGER IS BETTER as they say!  🙂  There are some doozies in this batch, with a REALLY nice cel from El Hazard, and some prime cels from Tenchi Muyo to boot!

Like this!

Or this!

So please, spread the word, post and crosspost as much as you want, because this batch only has a few more days to go.  I’d love to see these go for more than a pretty song, and get some good numbers for a good cause!  🙂

And now the fine print.

Read more…

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Charity Auction : Buy my momentos!

April 22nd, 2011 No comments

Hello everyone!

I’ve been quiet lately but I’m not gone – just quite busy. Not going to do a big update here, but I am going to ask for your help. Like many of us I watched Mother Nature smack Japan repeatedly upside the head last month.  Now, since you read me you know I’ve been part of the Anime convention scene for years, and I’ve collected quite a few things that are fun keepsakes in that time.   I had already been gathering material for sale on Ebay in general, so I decided it would be fun to post most of my cels (and some other knick knacks) for charity auction.

I’m using Ebay’s partnership with Missionfish to do this, so please be forewarned that they do take a cut. It is still one of the simplest ways to make items available for charity auction without causing paperwork headaches. Since this is the first time trying Missionfish out, I’m reserving 10% of the proceeds to manage any operating expenses on my side that are hiding to appear, and the remaining will subsequently go to the fund as well.  Also, continuing this run of fine print — please use the link.   I do have non-charity auctions mixed in, so the link screens and shows only those items that are meant for this effort.  ^_^;;

Anyhow, I’m hoping some of these items will let people bid and donate and still get something fun and keep…sakey (??) for themselves!  I love that Funimation is doing their auction, and I hope their stuff raises LOTS of cash — but I also know some of us can’t afford that much scratch.   So, here I am, your lower budget donation guy in the alley raising some scratch.   XD

Please, share with your friends! Pop over to ebay to see what I have up currently. I’ll be putting more up for bid as we see how this first wave goes. 🙂

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For Sale : Complete 40D kit.

June 23rd, 2010 No comments

Alright so, since I upgraded to a Canon 7D, I am putting up my 40D for sale, along with a brand spanking new 28-135mm kit lens and new 70-300mm lens.

Details here.

Link to the Ebay entry…

Since it is on Ebay I am of course looking for top dollar, but if I am willing to talk if it goes to someone I know. Ping me if you are interested, or pass the word along! 🙂

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Weekend of Unsuitable Length

January 12th, 2009 No comments

The weekend needed to be longer.  I spent much of it doing little chores, catching up on shows I haven’t watched since April of 2008, and installing WoW. 

On a few things…

  1. Yes it really did take almost 16 hours to install WoW.   During which time I found such wonderful things as…  Torrenting updates, which killed my bandwidth.  Lack of a single mass update.  Non-automated updates, so I had to keep switching back to update.   But really, the killer was the sequential updating… If I’d known/realized it was that bad I’d have downloaded the client from their server from the start..
  2. My online poker bankroll has taken an epic beatdown over the last two weeks, leaving my confidence completely shaken.  Meltdown is a common story for people trying to build their poker skills to make a run, but nonetheless its quite painful.  I’m not listening to my instincts nor am I making smart logical moves, and luck is not my friend either.   Obviously a horrid combination.  My only sense of relief lies in the fact that I already took out everything I put in, so the damage is only to my winnings.   (We’ll not talk about my brick & mortar bankroll.) 
  3. I’m looking for people to fill a position here at work.  It is not a creative position but it’ll deal with alot of visual materials.  If you’re a designer with tech-head tendencies, or a tech-head with designer tendencies… let me know.  (This is not an entry-level position.  I need someone who is ready to go go go.  It is also subject to the full hiring process.  No free lunches and no free rides, especially in this market.)
  4. I need a vacation, but I realistically should not take one until at least March or April.   I’m still considering the trip to LA though.   …  later this year, I’m seriously thinking I might take a cruise originating in NYC.  Anyone interested in joining me?
  5. By the time Sunday rolled around, the snow was mostly gone.  Boo.
  6. I had a horrid time sleeping last night — I had one of those dreams that’s just designed to mess with your sleep cycle.   “Waking up” repeatedly in your sleep just to realize you’re still dreaming, only to “Wake up” again, just to realize you’re still dreaming, only to….  rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat.
  7. I’ll try WoW out tonight for a little while. 
  8. Pimping time!  My good friend has opened not one but TWO online webcomics.  Well okay, only one is a webcomic, the other is a bastard child of his twisted brain and still images that nonetheless is sure to leave me laughing until my brain leaks out through my nose.   Whenever he gets that launched.  Which is soon.  I’m sure.  Because if it isn’t I’ll have to hurt him.   Anyway, go visit them. 

    The Burrito Blade – Yes, you read that right.  The Burrito Blade.

    Things Wrong With Me – Because the MPD comes out somehow..  😉

  9. Right.  I’ve jabbered on long enough.  We not return you to your regularly scheduled forecast.

Southwest Airlines – 50% off fares to Vegas….

December 30th, 2008 No comments

Hey… Southwest doesn’t fly out of NYC, so this is useless (or almost useless) to me..  However, those of you in B’more and Raleigh, this may be of interest to you…

2 day sale, 50% off fares to Vegas.   Book now, travel before 3/11.

Southwest Airlines

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Doc’s Music at the Moment

December 19th, 2008 No comments

Alright, so Amazon has a bunch of tracks up for free, 1 a day for the Christmas Season.

So I know most of you scream in agony at the thought of further invasion of your ears, but there really are a few tracks that are decent.   I’ll list them below the cut.  🙂

Read more…

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Selling Out : Invader Zim Complete Invasion for $14..

July 28th, 2008 No comments

Haven’t posted a commecial link for a while. Invader Zim – Complete Invasion for $14 bucks. If you’ve (GASP) never watched Invader Zim… here it is in all its twisted glory.

I saw this and I grabbed it. No question. 🙂

Invader Zim Complete Invasion (3 vol. set)

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Crosspost : Code Monkey

May 28th, 2008 No comments

Okay, here comes another one of my somewhat rare crossposts. This video was done by an extremely talented friend of mine down in Atlanta. Most of you know her as idleambition. Some of you may know of her because of her costumes. However, she’s first and foremost a talented artist.

She posted this video recently. I love this video. The highest compliment I think that can be applied to music videos is if the music video actually prompts you to go out and get the music. That’s what I’m doing now.


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Photo Crosspost : JNWedding-227

May 20th, 2008 No comments


Originally uploaded by Ugusensei

So I was told a little story while at the wedding. Seems that way back in time, when I was still going to other cons and actually doing things like emcee’ing cosplay auctions for charity… Three girls went and bought John. This was the subject of much amusement as they were busy outbidding each other, and then eventually pooling their money to make a final bid.

Knowing this, we had to post for this particular picture.  .. It was these three girls who bought him at auction. He ended up getting married to one of the people I auctioned him off to!

This made this wedding all the more amusing to be at. XD

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