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Oh snit – some serious music happening…

August 13th, 2009 No comments


So….  These probably will perk the interest of many people on my list…

Lord of the Rings / Fellowship of the Ring score performed at Radio City Music Hall. October 9 and 10

Video Games Live – Beacon Theatre
October 25

So.. anyone interested?

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Jake Shimabukuro: Live at Joe’s Pub, May 3rd 9:30PM.

May 4th, 2009 No comments

hisashiuchidaphoto3-jakeshimabukuro.jpgSo yesterday I had the pleasure of listening to a Ukelele artist of exceptional caliber.
Jake Shimabukuro was given his first Ukelele lessons by his mother at the age of four, and its been nonstop for him since.
For most people, hearing the words “Ukelele” conjures up images of beaches, hula dancers and high pitched, simple (but relaxing) music being played while sitting by torchlight eating roast pig wrapped in leaves.
Unfortunately people don’t have high expectations for the Ukelele.  (I hear some of my friends screaming already.  People hear about this gentleman and think “Ukelele?  Why would I go to a pub to listen to this?”
After last night I have to say that the attitude is an absolute shame.
I was stunned yesterday by how good a player Jake is — he is one of the rare artists that manages to evoke true emotion with his music.  The passion he puts into this instrument combined with his lovely relaxed way of explaining his songs to the audience makes for a truly delightful show.
If you are not familar with his music, take a gander at the youtube clip he credits with changing his life.  “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”
If you have the opportunity to see him perform in your local area, go see him.  He is absolutely worth the time.
Set list and links, along with a photo of him with Maile, after the cut.
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Doc’s Music at the Moment

December 19th, 2008 No comments

Alright, so Amazon has a bunch of tracks up for free, 1 a day for the Christmas Season.

So I know most of you scream in agony at the thought of further invasion of your ears, but there really are a few tracks that are decent.   I’ll list them below the cut.  🙂

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