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They’re climbing! They’ve learned to climb! (BLITEOTW 2009)

June 13th, 2009 No comments

Awww DAMNIT!  The damned things have mutated this year!  They can climb walls now!  They’re on the 6th floor now and trying to claw their way in.  The windows are strong though, they’re managing to shove their fingers in the windows but the metal stops are keeping them from getting in.  I’ll be ok.

They’re on the seventh floor now, I tried calling the door guard but there’s no answer.

Shit, there’s thumping in the hallways.  I think they’re in.  I’ve barricaded the door.  I can last through the night, I know it.

Oh fuck they’re outside.  Oh fuck oh fuck.  ohshitiremovedthewindowguardsf3q[03333333333333333[t

BLITEOTW 2009 Fin.

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Damnit, not THIS again.. (BLITEOTW 2009)

June 13th, 2009 No comments

Okay, you think I would have learned over the past couple of years that there’s something about today that is just plain FUCKED.  This is the THIRD damned year that this date had some kind of crazy ass zombie like invasion.   I’m getting really tired of this — its as if there’s some kind of crazy plan that’s in the works that decides to just screw with us all on this day.

I blame the internet.  Really.   The damned things are back.   I can’t believe I missed the signs.  The damned fog.  The rain.   The stuffy nose and the mindless zombie like state of people.   Can you blame me?  I was at an Anime Con – I EXPECT to see crowds shuffling around like mutants at these things yaknow?  I’m ready though.  I have implements of destruction scattered around my apartment, I should be able to hold them off.

I just peeked through my blinds, and there are smaller hordes this year.  Still see the glow of alot of phones — maybe that has something to do with it.    Either way, I think I’m OK.  I have concrete ceilings, my door is steel, and I see the lobby guard opened the weapons locker..  I’m going to keep the windows closed and just wait this out… It can’t last too long, can it?

Can it?

BLITEOTW 2009 #3
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There’s something going on outside… (BLITEOTW 2009)

June 13th, 2009 No comments

So some of you don’t know it, but I moved to Harlem.

I have a wonderful studio apartment with two huge windows, one of the spanning from floor to ceiling.  This is great during the day to open up the apartment to the sunlight.  Things get nice and bright, but at night it gets a little iffy.   Everyone can see in so I keep my blinds closed, curtains drawn, and windows slammed shut.   Worse, the windows had these crazy little window guards so I couldn’t open them up past 4 inches.   I got rid of those suckers so I can open the windows nice and wide.  Child safety?  Fuck that, I want my air!

Anyway, on to tonight.  The problem with these windows is there’s no sound buffering.  Unlike my old place, where my windows faced the back of other buildings, my current windows face a street.  All I’ve been hearing over the last 10 minutes are sirens screaming past and lots of yelling.   I think the local kids are getting into a fight — there have been shootouts and everything.   Crazy – I’ve heard tearing sounds too.  WTF — I know its Harlem but what gives?

MAN, I just heard what sounds like fucking gas grenades going off.   What a pain.  Last time I heard this kind of mayhem was last year when the damned Z-Virus kicked into..


Nah.  Couldn’t possibly be that again.   I still have scars from last year’s outbreak, but they figured it out and eliminated that virus, didn’t they?

BLITEOTW 2009 #2

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A late entry, a strange sign. (BLITEOTW 2009)

June 13th, 2009 4 comments

I had a very late night yesterday at Anime Next.  I went out there because I had a Friday night free up at the last minute, and ended up in deep NJ, playing cards, eating dinner, and hanging with friends.   The usual late night convention thing — ended up going to bed after sunrise, waking up slowly, yadda yadda yadda.

I’d felt a bit of unease and had some difficulty waking up, but I chalked that up to the late night.  There was quite a bit of screaming and yelling next door, prompting Oshidori and I to scream “Herpes!!!!” over and over until they quieted down.   We even heard random thumping against the wall, go figure.  Damned kids, they’re really making the cons hard to want to go back to.

Ordered room service for breakfast.   The wait service was slow and when the food arrived they’d forgotten several things.  Food wasn’t bad, but the poor waitress looked frazzled, bags under her eyes.   Something was up with our Television too, no service.  Repair guy could not actually do anything about it either – chalked it up to the TV having a “mind of its own”.  Once we unplugged the internet we were able to get along fine, and watched Police Academy 2 of all things.

There was a cold rain falling when I got out of there.  Damned shuttle bus between the hotel and the train station was down — had to hop a taxi.  Putzed around on my cellphone till I fell asleep on the train.  Woke up with a crashing headache (Horrible really) — all sounds are amplified, etc..   Ran to my parent’s place, popped some pills, went to Chinatown.  Usual crowds, albiet a little muffled and lethargic in the rain and fog.   Lots of people on their phones for some reason, but not talking much, just staring at their phones or shuffling around.   Traffic to my apartment in Harlem was a bitch, accidents everywhere.  Damned rain.   Lots of police vehicles zipping around as well.

Ahh well.  Glad I’m home.. Might as well go on the internet and see what’s been going on today.  

Most of this entry is 100% accurate, with some out of context tweaks.  For those of you not in the know, its BLITEOTW 2009 today..

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