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If you’ve wandered over here, you’re probably wondering what’s up with this blog.  Its yet another blog,  for another casual photographer and temporary tenant of this planet.

I drop my thoughts, images, photos, designs and general rants here, and let them wander as they see fit.  If you’ve come here looking to read up on me, thank you!

Humm… Its hard to come up with a bio.  Humm… I’ll guess I’ll post a bio that’s somewhat dated, but still pretty valid.

Terry Chu, otherwise known as Doc Stampede,  has been involved with numerous anime conventions for over twelve years without losing his sense of fun and excitement.  Wielding camera, good staff and a smart plan, he is often the method to the madness behind many curtains.

He has had the pleasure of working with incredibly dedicated fans, skilled artists, and the occasional rabid attendee. He talks about his convention experiences at several websites, from his perennially out of date Fly By Night Design to his somewhat maintained What Chu Looking At.

Yes, he has in fact been almost crushed to death by Japanese fangirls, which may sound like a dream to many men but is truly not.


This page is echoed by my livejournal.  I can also be found on Flickr, but I’m not going to give you the link.. If you need a link you’re not looking at my page hard enough… XD

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