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Photopost : DIY Beauty Dish

November 10th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Pet Plush and his Pet

Hey look, its a photo with flash as the only source of light, closeup, at f/1.4 and its NOT harsh or overexposed!

So I went and finished up the “Do It Yourself” Beauty Dish – based partially on instructions over here.  Its basically a slick way to diffuse light for closeups — and a fun little project to jam together over a few days with parts laying around.   Anyway, did some test shots just to play with it.   Shots of the Dish, along with notes and some more photos after the cut.

DIY Beauty Dish

This dish is made from a plastic hanging flower pot, a CD Case spindle and cover, a convex mirror I bought on Amazon, and a rubber gasket I bought at Home Depot for a different project ages ago. Along with some house paint I had laying around. And a spare DVD. Its totally rough, more a matter of seeing if it could be done vs. having a clean looking attachment.

DIY Beauty Dish Triggering

Taking the same dish and triggering it at -2 flash compensation, just so you can see what it looks like. It does a nice job of really diffusing the light. Mounted on a tripod its pretty stable too. I AM a little uncomfortable with how much weight it takes up on the flash though. Next project will be to make some black foam core cutouts to fit on the front to make a ring flash, or better yet, some other “special” highlights. XD

Plushie with Plushie

Same shot of my plushie models, but with the lens stopped way down to f/13. Razor sharp!  Again, one of the interesting things about using this flash attachment is how I can use it as a single source of light.

Just some mug.

Beauty dish can’t save this ugly mug. But check out the circular highlights in my eyes! *grin* Time to have fun with this!   (Okay, I edited this one a bit.   People don’t need my facial blemishes that close up…  ^_^;;; )

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