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Photo Post : My Desktop

December 16th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

So I spent all of yesterday cleaning my room, reorganizing, and generally completely tearing up the last couple of year’s worth of gradual collected so called “organization.”   This process mostly consists of dragging EVERYTHING off of my desk, closet, etc and dumping it willy-nilly on my bed, then going back and reorganizing.  I’m not done, and things are still insane.   But…  When Kat tagged me to take a screencap of my desktop, I felt a different approach was necessary..

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Yes… Its pretty damned messy at the moment..


In other notes, moving everything around forced me to reorganize and rearrange the currently displayed figures.

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Yes, I’m a geek.  You don’t need to remind me. 😛  I’d feel bad except that I know I’m actually really mild in my collection compared to others.

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Ladies and gentlemen, this is what the results of my B.F.A. have led to…  Big wooden structure of much elegance, and it is used… as a gashapon figure gallery.  ^_^;;

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